April Hiatus

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As much as I hate to do it, Ruby Red will be going on hiatus in April, after this current issue ends (page 109).  Between working full time and house stuff and preparing for NashiCon, I’ve fallen behind.  It kind of seems like this might be a bi-yearly thing.  Oh well, it’s a free comic, what more can you expect.

On a happier note, Ruby Red will be available to purchase online this summer, with a tentative date of Wednesday, July 16 2014.  If you come to NashiCon or HeroesCon you will be able to buy a copy before it’s available online!  Trying to avoid being overwhelmed with things (obviously… it’s not really working haha).  I’ll be ordering books from Ka-Blam and sending everything out myself, so there will also be an option to have a sketch drawn on an interior page.

And look, buttons!  Those will also be at the conventions.  So many buttons.