The logo for Ruby Red in blue, surrounded by the characters Naoko, Rumiko, the Snow Queen, Detective Wolf, Noah, and Judith.


Ruby Red is an online comic series written and illustrated by Jeannie Harmon.  Check out more of my work at my portfolio site or follow me on social media.


Chapter One:  The Woman in Red

A stone falls from the sky and Naoko’s life is changed forever. After discovering her strange new powers, Naoko investigates the origin of the mystery stone only to find herself in a battle between good and evil–though maybe the two aren’t as different as they seem.

Start Chapter One here!


Chapter Two:  Blue-Eyed Boy

While Naoko seeks to make a friend out of the ever-aloof Ramona, Noah fears inviting the unknown into his life. Meanwhile, Judith persists in finding the missing stones and making Ramona’s worst nightmares come true.

Start Chapter Two here!

All fonts are either handwritten, created by Nate Piekos at Blambot, or Birch Std.

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