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No Comments on 6/5/2017

Guess what everyone!

I made a Patreon!  I’ve been picking at it on and off for a while, and figured it was finally time to just launch the thing.  There are five reward tiers to choose from, and all patrons will get to see Ruby Red a day early, so go take a look!

Patreon lets you pledge money to a creator in exchange for rewards. You can select how much you want to pledge each month, and can adjust the amount or cancel your pledge anytime. Becoming a patron of my art is a great way to contribute to the free webcomics I make.

This is a work in progress, and I’m bound to think of new things I can do for my patrons.  Suggestions are always welcome!


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No Comments on 4/24/2017

Look what came in the mail today!

I’m so excited! Now I need to go through and check it for mistakes and other things that need some fixing (I’ve already found a couple of things). I’m hoping I can have some up in the shop in June. I’ll keep y’all updated!

In the meantime, keep up with me everywhere else online:

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No Comments on 4/17/2017

I’ve been practicing coloring with markers recently–it’s a little frustrating, but I enjoy the results.  You can check out some recent sketchbook stuff on my Instagram.  If you hate instagram, then good news–I also update Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook with art fairly regularly!  (Sorry Deviant Art… I’ve neglected you for a while now :/)  Stalk the links below to see my stuff:

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No Comments on 2/15/2017

Ruby Red will update regularly beginning on Monday, February 27th. Set your calendars and get caught up if you’re not!

Also, I made art for the Doubleclick’s music video, Women Know Math!  Go to the site to watch it and learn more about the 49 other artists in the video.  You can see my piece on my website, and I should have the option to buy prints of it from my store sometime by Monday.

Also also, if you’re here from a Project Wonderful ad, hello! If not, then hello anyway!


No Comments on 12/11/2016

And here is what will likely be the last blog post and comic page of the year.  As for myself, I’m ending the year on a note of snot, coughs, and an unseemly amount of eye goop.  The next page will be up in late January.  Until next time…