No Comments on 2/15/2017

Ruby Red will update regularly beginning on Monday, February 27th. Set your calendars and get caught up if you’re not!

Also, I made art for the Doubleclick’s music video, Women Know Math!  Go to the site to watch it and learn more about the 49 other artists in the video.  You can see my piece on my website, and I should have the option to buy prints of it from my store sometime by Monday.

Also also, if you’re here from a Project Wonderful ad, hello! If not, then hello anyway!


No Comments on 12/11/2016

And here is what will likely be the last blog post and comic page of the year.  As for myself, I’m ending the year on a note of snot, coughs, and an unseemly amount of eye goop.  The next page will be up in late January.  Until next time…


No Comments on 11/06/2016

I survived October!  I also got my submission into the Creators for Creators Grant on time. I realize there’s a lot of competition, but even if I don’t get it, at least I have a pitch ready for a single graphic novel-length story. I rewrote Over the River, going more in depth into the troll’s life, telling the story of how Friends Are Important.  Jolly fun stuff.  Anyway, with Halloween and the grant submission out of the way, I have time again for Ruby Red. I’m aiming for weekly updates again, although the next two weeks might be rocky getting back on schedule and figuring out if Monday or Friday updates would be better. This week’s update (page 170!) is on a Sunday just because.


No Comments on 9/13/2016

So, I’m gonna update on Friday instead of Monday for the next few weeks’ comics, including this week.  Not sure if I’m gonna take a break during October or not due to the whole working in a costume shop thing, but I will make a post later in the month about that.  In the meantime, let’s all celebrate that this horrible, humid summer weather will soon give way to a brief interlude of autumn, before it turns into the barren misery of wintertime.  I for one am excited.