No Comments on Learning

Ruby Red will resume by December.  We’ve got part 7 of chapter one, and then it’s on to chapter two.  It has been a hectic few weeks, but I remain committed to this comic (and should probably be committed for it).  I’ve also been thinking about how I deal with the comic making process.  Ruby Red is a learning comic for me.  Before this I’d only taken three short comics to completion, at 8, 14, and 25ish pages–the last one which I will never willingly put online (it was my senior thesis unfortunately).  When I started Ruby Red, I was working with technical pens and taking a lot of time getting things perfect, even completely redoing the first few pages because I hadn’t liked how they came out the first time.  I was also unemployed and had the time and energy to devote to doing so.  After I found a full-time job, I’ve been trying to find ways to make the process take less time without straining my hand or driving myself crazy, but as a result I’ve perhaps lost some of the touch I was putting into the comic in the beginning.

Anyway, I’m not gonna stop making Ruby Red until the story is done, but the style of the comic and the schedule in which I update it will probably continue to be in a state of flux for quite some time.  Hope you all like chapter 1 part 7.