No Comments on 4.19.18

So, it figures that every time I think I’m going to be able to post regularly for a while, I end up cursing myself with the need for a hiatus. I probably should’ve taken more of a break in between chapters, looking back. Oh well. Ruby Red will be back no later than June 25th (though very possibly before then). Follow me at any of the places below or keep an eye on here for update alerts for the comic! I will also be posting art, especially on Patreon. (It’s a lot easier to draw a one-off illustration that doesn’t have to be consistent with anything else or have backgrounds than it is to make a whole dang comic.)

I have also started experimenting with posting Ruby Red to Webtoons. Check it out and let me know if you think the format fits the comic! I will work on resizing chapter 1.2 and putting it up there soon.

(By the way, the hiatus art is inspired by Bob Peak‘s illustration for the movie In Like Flint. I’ve never seen the movie and from the description it sounds pretty bad, but I like Bob Peak’s art and wanted to recreate it in some way.)

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