Art 03

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Things have been a little wild the past couple weeks so I’m a little behind on pages.  I’m inking the next few pages now, and hopefully I can build up a little buffer so it’s a while before this happens again.  Sorry!

(I know, using something I’ve already posted in my portfolio is cheating, but I never posted it here, so it didn’t count before.)


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Ruby Red: Volume 2 is available for purchase!

If you don’t have Volume 1, you can buy them in a bundle at a slightly cheaper price.  And if you’re a patron at the $7 level, you’ll get an extra 15% of anything you buy throughout the month of July.

What the heck’s a patron, you ask?

Patreon lets you pledge money to a creator in exchange for rewards. You can select how much you want to pledge each month, and can adjust the amount or cancel your pledge anytime. Becoming a patron of my art is a great way to contribute to the free webcomics I make.

Unfortunately my portfolio is still buggy, so in the meantime you can view my art over on Behance or Deviant Art.