No Comments on 8/14/2017

And Ruby Red is back!  So, there should be timely updates for the next month–I’ve got the next four pages after this drawn and inked, and several pages after that thumbnailed.  But after that, things might get a little rocky.  I start a new day-job this week (a part-time graphic design/marketing job) and I’ll still be working part-time at my current job. Also, considering that my current job is at a costume shop and Halloween is around the corner (a.k.a. the season of overtime), the future is hazy right now.  At the very least, I’ll be figuring out my new schedule for the next couple weeks.  It may even end up that I change the day of the week that Ruby Red updates, or maybe not.  Nobody knows!

And, a reminder, Patrons still get early access to the comic!  And another reminder, you can buy volumes 1 & 2 of Ruby Red online! These two books make up the whole first chapter, The Woman in Red–about the first 150 pages of the comic.  There’s also some behind-the-scenes tidbits about how I make the comic.  Go take a look!