The logo for Ruby Red in blue, surrounded by the characters Naoko, Rumiko, the Snow Queen, Detective Wolf, Noah, and Judith.


Bad news first: Ruby Red is going to stay on hiatus for a bit. Life has been chaotic the past couple months – I am looking for a new job and there has been some other personal-life stuff going on. Sadly, getting pages done has taken a back seat to more urgent priorities. I’m going to keep working on pages as I can, and hopefully I’ll get back to updating by the end of the summer (if not sooner). I also put my Patreon campaign on hold for the month, though I hope to carry on like normal in June.

Good news now: If you’d still like to support me during this quiet time, I’ve got work in an anthology that just opened up for pre-orders! The anthology, Why Faith?, is being funded through Indiegogo and is already over 2K. Go learn more about it and buy a copy for yourself!

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